The Day The Wild Cried

In a time of environmental uncertainty, adaptation and collaboration are essential measures of survival. In The Day the Wild Cried Jason Sharp plays with an electronic soundscape, generated and triggered through Kimberley de Jong’s body. One form is entirely dependent on the other, live collaboration is at the heart of this work.


 In the initial phase of the work, Boxher, we witness the trajectory of an apocalyptic, gender neutral species, who takes us on a journey of physical transformation within the space. Sonic and physical limits are tested, creating a sense of urgency and tension. We are left feeling defeated and empty towards the state of our environment. In the second phase of the work, completed through CCOV and Le Mai residencies, Kimberley and Jason dive deeper into their existing collaboration. Jason breaks the wall behind his synthesizers and joins Kimberley in the space, “reviving” her through sound. Together they make music through electrical circuits passing through both their bodies. A landscape of metallic cans forms an island. An installation of piled up cans alludes to mini architectures, the city and capitalism. If Boxher is loud and unforgiving, The Day The Wild Cried allows space for resolve and hope. Our focus shifts to quiet sounding breath, a soft-spoken monologue where the protagonist recounts memories, anecdotes of a time when wild nature reigned. Jason creates resounding notes triggered by Kimberley’s voice. Dynamic power shifts in The Day the Wild Cried and we witness a democratization of roles with Jason’s entry into the space. By the end, the once limited creature harnesses her power and with a programmed “ring” that enables her to control the sound and thus her environment. Will technology take over human identity, has it already? These are some of the questions we are left with in this fresh and palpable work.


The Day the Wild Cried will premiere in Berlin at the Meinblau Art gallery in March within an exhibition on heart intelligence. The work can be presented as a full length 60 min piece or in two separate 30min parts.

The Day The Wild Cried will be presented at La Chapelle Theatre Oct 24,25,28

Montreal, QC

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