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The Day the Wild Cried

In a time of environmental uncertainty, adaptation and collaboration are essential measures of survival. In The Day the Wild Cried Jason Sharp plays with an electronic soundscape, generated and triggered through Kimberley de Jong’s body. One form is entirely dependent on the other, live collaboration is at the heart of this work.


"The Day the Wild Cried is both an insight on what our society refuses to change and an avenue towards hope. In this work, Kimberley De Jong and Jason Sharp remind us that the beast resembles us.That it is hurt and is in pain. But that its sensitivity is its strength. They also remind us that the patriarchalpromise was destined to fail from its inception. That it degrades, alters and limits our imaginations,alike the flora and fauna. And that this system will still be there when we leave the theater. Above all, theyremind us that our children will still have a childhood, and that their memories may be sweet. In this work, the hybridity that arises from the relationship between the bodies, the music and the empty cans, speaks to the means we will have to create and to live, once society has emerged from its blinding “inebriation”. Facing the new world - where the wild will still be free - beauty will be experienced through the eye of the beholder."                                    -Claire Pearl, 2022


The Day the Wild Cried can be presented in a black box theatre or gallery venues. The work has been presented as a full length 60 min, at La Chapelle theatre, Montreal, in October 2022. It was also presented as an interactive instillation at the Meinblau gallery, Berlin, in March 2019 and curated by Maria Hinze. 

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