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CYCLe2 provides an abstract portrait of the human life cycle by illustrating the links between the different stages of our existence. A cyclical view of the relationships that develops through time; the mother son, the lovers, the elder and baby... A cycle has no beginning nor ending. It is an eternal return to a point of departure. Does old age bring us back to childhood? Does death bring us closer to birth? And are we unconsciously linked to the life that precedes us?


Artistic Process

The idea for CYCLe stems from the link between the surrealist images of Ruth Gwily's book Cycle and witnessing the death of my grandmother, very soon after my daughter was born. I wanted to create a choreography that explored the phases of a life cycle and how they relate to each other. I wanted to look at dependency within relationships and the many forms it takes throughout a lifetime and distinguish the parallels between them for example: the parent-child relationship, love relationships, or the similarity between elderly dependency and newborns. Bringing Ruth's images back into choreographic form was also a way of participating in the continuity of the cycle of her work.


Choreography | Kimberley de Jong

Interpreters | Brianna Lombardo, Nathan Yaffe Lights | Caroline Nadeau

Accessories and costumes | Marilène Bastien Music | Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Created during a residency at Studio 303 and Les Studios of Compagnie Marie Chouinard

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