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DUOS is the working title of a collaboration with cellist Anne Bourne and projectionist Philippe Leonard. The work was created for an evening DUOS presented at Sala Rossa on Oct 30th, 2019. The piece represents the live collaboration of three mediums, music, projections and dance. Upon dialoging about themes of nature + femininity through the cycles of time Philippe used images of under water lilies, flowers spinning on turn tables and a burning rose (to name a few) these images projected on a large screen serve as our main source of light. Anne and I met at the Banff Center for the Arts during a Creative Gesture lab between composers and choreographers. The sound of her resonating cello was the fuel for my desire to play live together.

We are on the next stages of our process and are currently looking for residency opportunities to research this meaningful collaboration rich with depth of sound, powerful images and live movement cohesively and sub consciously playing off of one another. 

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