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Kimberley de Jong

Is a performer/ choreographer based in Montreal

to contact me for further info :

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                                         © Ruth Gwily

Upcoming shows and latest events


Kimberley was chosen as an artist in residence at the Centre d'Exposition at the University of Montreal to work on her creation entitled (M)other which explores the transition to becoming a parent. Her online exhibition is now available through this website through Work- (M)other page. 

The next phase of the research will begin in 2023 and the live gallery performance and exhibition is scheduled for January 2024 at the CEUM.



"The Day the Wild Cried" was presented for 3 evenings at La Chapelle Theatre on Oct 24,25,28. For more info click on Press to read reviews.



Sept 9 to13th

CCOV residency with Jason Sharp

Long creation of Boxher, a.k.a. "The Day the Wild Cried


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